ELIANI | Planetary mixer

This type of mixer , are called planetary mixers, because the mixing tool, not only rotates on itself, but also around another point, effecting a double movement, both of rotation on its axis of revolution on which 'central axis, recalling the movement of planetary orbits . This dual planetary rotational movement makes this type of mixing machine the ideal machine for mix, knead, make whipping cream,creme chantilly, egg whites, mayonaise, sponge cake and other recipes. The planetary mixer, today, it is an indispensable tool in the food's laboratories, especially in the kitchen how in pastry. Today 's the market's offer, is so vast, that is ' easy to get lost in, especially in the planetary mixers for a domestic use, which is very different from those that we offer us, because the frequency of use and the need' of a housewife, are different from those of a professional chef or a baker.  The planetary mixer, is a machine it must be chosen very carefully, in function of its use and the type of products you want to work. Our planetary mixers that we offer, are from 5,8,10,20lt for the planetary bench mixer, and 20,40,60,80lt the floor mixer model for bakery and pastry .Our mixing machine are available in three mechanical speed ', three speed 'with timer and electronic control of speed' and also with a computer and microprocessor control and touch-screen panel , which can store your recipes and all stages of our planetary mixers process . The mixer are supplied standard with three steel tools: a hook for kneading bread, pizza, focaccia. A spatula for soft dough such as cake, biscuit or creams. whisk for whipping cream, mayonaise and egg whites. Special tools are also available on request for special processing. Special power supplies are on demand. Our machines are in according with all the safety regulations of the CE and are entirely produced in Italy.



The EL7 it's aplanetary bench mixer with metal frame, solid and reliable, this planetary mixer its'suitable both in small pastry shops and in the restaurant kitchen. Able to knead, mix and mixing all kinds of ingredients.With his lifting head and equipped with a timer, the machine automatically turns off after each set. Ideal for whipping cream, the egg whites until stiff. Sponge cake, whipped cream, fillings, biscuits and more. Our planetary mixer EL7, is the ideal planetary mixer in the home as in the professional kitchen  hree standard accessories included: whisk, spatula and dough hook. The machine is in compliance with the European safety standard CE


Professional planetary bench mixer for bakerys,pastries and restauration. Buil exactly how planetary mixers of larger sizes, equipped with speed controller 'electronic speed controller and timer. It 's a small but powerful mixing, of reduced dimensions but highly powerful. Bowl and utensils are in stainless steel AISI 304.  Three standard accessories: dough hook, whisk and spatula . Available as an option the refrigerated bowl.


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New planetary mixers 40, 60 and 80 lt, with electronic speed control and touch screen control panel.Its microprocessor, control the number of revolution turns of the tool and the eccentric on which it's 'mounted. This news planetary mixers models, offers the opportunity of to monitor costantly the status of the machine, including each step of processing previously programmed, in according to your needs' and to the daily production of the various products. The communication system of this planetary mixer type, can 'manage up to four different timings for each of the product's cycle and keep them in memory for subsequent processing, so that the preparations are always exactly identical in time and, above all, in the taste, because' always work with the same precision and the same times. We all know how is important that each recipe is performed always exactly the same way, both in the pastry that in gastronomy, that in the bakery, to always obtain an excellent quality ', the flavor and the homogeneity' of the product, must be maintained and always exactly the same time and and the same mode 'of processing and this is possible thanks to the programming and preset data and recipes in the machine. Only available in versions from 40 liters, 60 liters and 80 liters, ours planetary mixers are supplied as standard with three tools in stainless steel mixers: whip thousand threads, kneading hook and spatula. Our planetary mixers are all built with a heavy-duty metal thick and painted with epoxy paint for food; They equipped as standard with stainless steel bowl and protection grid steel, with drip spout. The machines are also equipped with low voltage control panel and are in according with the European CE safety standards.

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Our mixer machine model El40 is a strong and reliable a planetary mixer , designed and constructed for an intesive and duty daily working in the bakery, pastries and industrial coocking center, in which the planetary mixer operate incessantly It's performances and versatility of this type l of planetary mixer is able to offer, will do appreciate every day the quality 'of the preparations that it's are able to give.  i t's speed electronic control can set the right speed for each preparation and regulate the tours of the wire whip or another tool, reproducing exactly the movement that would be done by hand, so that our Planetary mixer become 'the extension of your arm. Built with a robust structuremwith high thickness in srainless steel have a gearmotor in oil bath bath, the safety grid in stainless steel reinforced, beak drip and all security guards in compliance with european safety CE. Available the version with three speed 'mechanical or electronic variable speed , these planetary mixers are able to knead, mix, assemble egg whites, whipping cream, emulsify and mix all types of ingredients such as whipped cream and cake mixes and biscuit. Equipped with three stainless steel utensils -One Dough Hook: ideal for kneading bread, pizza and focaccia.One spatula steel: tool designed for the preparation of soft dough such as cakes, cookies and creme.One Whip indispensable tool for whipping cream, egg whites or the mayonnaise.Conform all safety directives of the EC,. It's achines are entirely produced in Italy.