Suitable to solve all the problems ,saving time and effort, the range goes from 40 kg to 300 kg of dough. The lifter is mechanical and unload your dough on table, on doughfeeder or hopper, left or right, or, on request, with double outlet right and left. All our spiral mixers are , as standard 2-speed, 2 timers and inverts the bowl's rotation.Reliability is guaranteed by a strong mechanical part and reinforced structure.Homogeneous dough and perfect, both large and small, with an optimal temperature are obtained thanks to design of spiral arm and the inox central column, all supported by carefully studying the drum speed. The oxygenation is improved by the particular design of the spiral arm .Suitable in version for "American Country "​​with motors and electric system for enhanced hard and intensiv dough dough . On request a series of optionals such as temperature sensors, electronic scale, the scraper of the tank, the system digital touch screen for recipes and control machine.