ELIANI -Italian kneading machine for bakery and pastry

On the market for over twenty years , Eliani sells and customizes mixers for bakeries, confectioneries and pizzerie.La sale of spiral mixers and plunging arms is , as always , the main activity of the company , as well as technical assistance and sale of equipment for bakeries, confectioneries and pizzerie.La types of machines offered meets all specific requirements and production , based on the type of dough and the results that you want raggiungere.Il top of our range are the mixers arms tuffanti.Le mixers mechanical arms are ideal for dough pastry , bakery and pizzeria , as well as for all other bodies having the same consistenza.Questa mixer is called " aRMS dIPPING " because the motion proposes that typical of the arms of a man who works and oxygenates the dough , the procedure for obtaining the maximum homogeneity and uniformity of the mixture , but without heating the stesso.Il secret of a good dough , in fact , is not only in the quality of the ingredients and in the right doses , but also and, above all , in lavorazione.La processing , in fact , is one of the most important steps to obtain a homogeneous and perfectly blended, whose end result is enhanced both in flavor and in the smoothness and softness of the dough , granting him a taste ineguagliabile.Poter work the dough without increasing the temperature and gently mixing the ingredients is not a procedure semplice.Per expertly mix the ingredients you need to have a mixer capable of being able to do this work in a workmanlike manner , or a ' mixer plunging arms ; this way you can obtain a homogeneous and perfect , as only a true master baker would know fare.Eliani offers models of mixers suitable for the preparation of all types of dough , from bread to pastries, from pizza to desserts , with the possibility of volume of dough from 2.5 kg up to 70 kg 


Double arm mixer

Our plunging arm mixer, are an indispensable tool in the pastry shops, bakeries and pizzerias.
The movement of the plunging arms promotes the oxygenation of the dough to prevent the heating and amalgam ingredients as only this type of mixer can do.

The plunging arm mixer and yours mechanical arms, bring to mind the ancient tradition of the manual dough.
The left arm is equipped with a "loop back" to take the dough, while the right arm (which is a mixing arm with two steel tips) is designed to stretch the dough.
The work is mainly in extension and cut, allowing the development of a soft dough and not overheated.
Our mixers are constantly updated in terms of the international safety regulations and in compliance with the rules of hygiene and safety current.
The possible versions include two models with the speed control in inverter, 30 to 50 kg dough and models in one or two speeds, from 40 to 160 kg of dough, as well as an electronic control board and a double speed.
The structure is in high thickness metal and arms and stainless steel tank.
The feature of this machine is the work the dough without overheating, increasing the temperature of 0.2-0.3 ° C per minute.
Ideal machine for processing mixes soft and very oxygenated as panettone, brioche and delicate's doughs.


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